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Bioenergetic scan and use of coloured light and infrared

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The EQUUSIR BEST-BOX combines modern high-end technology and current knowledge of quantum physics with the holistic body concept of the energy centres. The aim of the application is to meet the requirements of modern performance management: to maintain physical health in the long term while continuously increasing athletic performance.

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The bioenergetic measurement in the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX determines the current state of the energy flow in the body of the horse. A detailed report reveals which parts of your body are well supplied with power or blocked.

This is followed by a first application of coloured light and infrared. After the first application, one can see which disturbances in the energy flow could be eliminated in the short term and which blockages require a longer-term application.

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A scan cycle consists of an initial scan including an initial report, a scan immediately following the first application and a follow-up report. The next day, another application is carried out, which will be completed with a further follow-up report. Applications ideally should occur on three consecutive days, followed by a one day break and then an application on each of the next three consecutive days.

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  • Back blockages
  • Tendon and joint blocks
  • Horn fissures, deficits in hoof and coat
  • Digestive problems
  • Cycle fluctuations
  • General immune and vitality fluctuations

With the individually adapted wavelength, the energy reaches its destination in a direct and speedy way!

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Head first, the horse is led into the box. During treatment, it is secured with a breast bar. After application, the horse is led forward out of the box.

Both the analysis measurement as well as the application of infrared (deep heat) and colour light are performed without contact, but invasively (penetrating).

Initial measurement: 15 minutes
Application: 5 to 30 minutes
Interval for acute problems: 1-2x daily
Preventative interval: once a week

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Far Eastern medicine systems place the energy and energetic quality of physiology at the centre of diagnosis and treatment. Equusir takes medicine to the next level with high tech. The energetic quality of individual body regions is measured, evaluated and treated in a tailor-made manner.

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Fields of application of the BEST-BOX

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Problems with skin,
Hoof, muscle and
Joint disease,
Sinew, cough,
Bronchitis, rheumatism

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After heavy use
or surgeries and injuries,
Pain relief, wound healing,
stress reduction

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Muscle tension,
Blockages in the spine,
Increase in performance and
agility, empowerment
of the musculoskeletal system

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Dampness, colic,
Purification problems
Metabolic problems, strengthening
and stimulation of blood and lymph vessels, Structure of immune system

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FAQ / Questions and Answers about the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX

What is the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX doing?

With a bioenergetic measurement in the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX, the condition of the energy fields is made visible and thus also possible causes for physical and mental problems of the horse.

In the subsequent colour light and IR application, the own systems of the horse’s body are supplied with additional energy. This causes, inter alia, the formation of new capillaries, stimulates the production of collagen and releases the main energy carrier of the cells (adenosine triphosphate).

After just a few applications, most horses are calmer, more focused and more productive.

The EQUUSIR BEST-BOX can also be tested in your barn. For more information please email: info@equusir.com

How much does a treatment in the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX cost?

First scan with coloured light treatment: 50 min. Euro 145.-
Each subsequent treatment: 30 min. Euro 75, –

How does the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX work?

With a bioenergetic scan in the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX possible energetic causes for physical and mental problems in your horse are made visible.

With the subsequent IR and colour light treatment using individually adapted frequencies and deep heat, the processes in the cells, in the organs and in the vessels are precisely stimulated. Blockages can come loose and the energy centres harmonize.

On the treatment monitor, the increase in energy in the individual energy centres can be read or each client receives a comprehensive written report.

The result of a treatment series:
Your horse is calmer, more relaxed and more willing to perform.