Use our offers for a successful energy management!

The EQUUSIR products maintain the physical health of the horse in the long term and sustainably increase the sporting performance.


The EQUUSIR portfolio at a glance

Identify and dissolve blockages


The effect on health and performance results from the combination of the bio-energetic scan with the application of coloured light and infrared. After an exact measurement of the current energy state, the individual body regions of your horse are specifically supplied with high-quality energy in the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX, thus reducing and eliminating blockages and disorders.

Targeted power control


Whether to increase concentration before the start of a competition, to relax after a transport or to activate before the daily training: vital functions such as blood pressure, muscle tone and respiration determine whether the horse’s body is ready to perform or can regenerate. The natural control takes place via the vegetative nervous system – specifically influenced by the impulses of the EQUUSIR BIOS-BLANKET.

Disinfect, regenerate and care


EQUUSIR BIONIC-CARE products are based on electrolytically polarised mountain spring water and are cell-compatible. They destroy harmful germs and pathogens from within and have an effect on the acid-base balance of the cell. They are produced in a highly specialized electrolysis process and are completely free of side effects. BIONIC disinfection and regeneration are ADMR compliant and 100% biodegradable.