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BIONIC disinfectant

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Hand and skin disinfection

BIONIC is a particularly well-tolerated solution for use on the skin. The hand disinfectant is dye and perfume free, moisturising and extremely effective against bacteria, fungi and draped viruses.

Application time: only 30 seconds for surgical and 20 seconds for hygienic hand disinfection.

BIONIC is very well tolerated especially when used continuously.

Active ingredient: Nacl 0.26%; Hyperchl. Acid (HCIO) + Hyperchl. Ion (OCI) 0.05%, pH ~ 7.2

Range of application: bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal and virucidal (incl.HBV, HIV, HCV). Effective against herpes, influenza A, SARS coronavirus, adeno, polyoma and rotavirus.

Areas of application: hygienic and surgical hand disinfection achieved by rubbing in. For all hygiene-relevant areas in healthcare, hospitals, geriatric care and in infant/pediatric care. Protects against infection in public facilities and when traveling.

Dosage: Rub the undiluted BIONIC into dry hands covering all areas of the skin. Pay special attention to the fingertips and thumbs. The hands must be kept moist with BIONIC during the entire process of application.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: No known risks

Interaction with other products: None known

Hygienic hand disinfection and TB inactivation: rub into dry hands at least twice in 20 seconds

Virus inactivation: Herpes, rota virus, vaccina virus, HBV, HIV, polio, adeno, popova

Surgical hand disinfection: Soak dry hands and forearms completely with BIONIC, keeping them moist for at least 30 seconds. Rub it in as often as necessary without rinsing off.

Side effects: None known

Delivered as: Solution for use/application on the skin

Content: as printed on the label (500 milliliters, 1 liters, 5 liters, 10 liters)

Notes: Please note the expiration date printed on the label. After this date the disinfectant should no longer be used. After opening the container for the first time the solution can be kept and used for a further 6 months. Do not store above 30 ° C.

Reaction/application times:

Hygienic hand disinfection

20 sec.

Herpes simplex-Virus

10 sec.

Apply twice for TB

15 sec.

Influenza A-virus

10 sec.

Surgical hand disinfection

30 sec.

SARS coronavirus

10 sec.


10 sec.


10 sec.


10 sec.

FDA germs*

10 sec.

Candida albicans

10 sec.


30 sec.

limited viricidal (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV)

10 sec.


30 sec.

* 59 clinically relevant bacterial strains acc. to the requirements of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Sensitive germs: 1. Pathogens that are found in urinary tract infections: Citrobacter spp., Citrobacter diversus, Citrobacter freundii 860, Edwardsiella tarda, Enterobacter spp., Enterobacter aerogenes, Enterobacter agglomerans, Enterobacter cloacae, Escherichia coli, Hafnia alvei, Klebsiella spp., Klebsiella oxytoca, Klebsiella pneumoniaii, Morgan. (Indole positive), Proteus mirabilis, Proteus vulgaris, Providencia spp., Providencia rettgeri, Providencia stuartii, Serratia spp., Pseudomonadaceae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Gram-positive cocci, Staphylococcus spp., Staphylococcus spp. (Coagulase negative), Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Streptococcus agalactiae Group B, Streptococcus Group G, Enterococcus faecium. 2. Pathogens that are found in acute gastroenteritis: Aeromonas hydrophila, Campylobacter jejuni, Escherichia coli (enterotoxic), Plesiomonas shigelloides, Salmonella spp., Salmonella typhi, Shigella spp., Shigella boydii, Shigella dysenteriae, Shigella flexneri, Shigella sonnei, Vibrio chloreaeinia, Vibrio para , 3. Other pathogens: Bacillus cereus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Haemophilus influenzae, Clostridium perfringens. Moderately sensitive germs: Pseudomonas spp., Pseudomonas fluorescens – 2. Other germs: Flavobacterium spp., Gram-positive cocci, Enterococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., Streptococcus group D, Enterococcus faecalis. Resistant germs: Streptococcus bovis


Surface disinfection

Authorities and people around the world are increasingly concerned about the rising costs and the dangers of constantly using dangerous chemical biocides.

Most chemical biocides are toxic to macro organisms and leave harmful by-products. Therefore, the demand for inexpensive “green products” in combination with disinfectants and environmental (sensitivity) awareness is increasing.

  • is created with knowledge and expertise
  • contains no alcoholic compounds and is a non-toxic agent
  • has an oxidation-reduction potential / a redox potential (ORP mV) of ~ 750 and is effective against bacteria and viruses
  • contains no wetting agents and is therefore easy to rinse off.
  • is / can be used anywhere, even when the highest hygiene requirements are set.
  • is free of harmful heavy-metal ions.
  • is made exclusively from natural, environmentally friendly resources.
  • uses little energy and guarantees the best, environmentally friendly, biocidal effectiveness
  • does not contain oil-based or other energy-intensive substances.
  • can be disposed of easily. The contact with macro organisms is completely harmless.
  • does not generate dangerous byproducts such as trihalomethane (THM), trichloromethane or bromate.
  • is guaranteed to be environmentally friendly with many possibilities for application.
  • regenerates back into its raw materials over time -> mild, slightly salty water.

BIONIC is a product that optimally meets these requirements:

It is a solution of water, salt and electricity; over time it regenerates back into its raw materials -> mild, slightly salty water.

One of the most important applications of BIONIC is for the reduction of germs. By adding it to cold and / or hot water, existing germs such as legionella and pseudomonas are eliminated, existing biofilms are broken down and the formation of new biofilms is effectively prevented!

BIONIC has a very high bactericidal, viricidal and fungicidal effectivity (about 10 times stronger than chlorine dioxide) and is far more gentle in comparison to conventional disinfectants.

Studies showed no toxic effects but an excellent bactericidal effectivity at the same time. BIONIC is a product that is absolutely non-toxic!

BIONIC is for:

  • hygiene-relevant areas in healthcare
  • the household and for sanitary facilities
  • industrial usage

BIONIC protects against infection in public facilities and when traveling.

Dosage: undiluted

Storage: 4-30°C. Keep in a dry place, well protected from light

Shelf life: 12 months (see labelling on the product)

Toxicity: At the specified dosage BIONIC is has no harmful effects on health.

Storage: Original sealed bottle, protected from light, for at least 12 months.


BIONIC is produced from saline solution and is added to drinking water in a concentration of ~0.3% for secondary disinfection, using suitable, proportionally controlled injection pumps. According to § 11 of the Drinking Water Ordinance 2001, processing substances (including their ions, if they are generated by electrolysis) may be added to the drinking water.

The aim is to kill or deactivate pathogens during the distribution of water in fixed supply lines (secondary disinfection).

The manufacturing of BIONIC from a high purity saline solution is in accordance with the procedure for chlorine, hypochlorite and ozone production given in Part II of the list (W229).

The purity requirements according to EN 901 are met and are monitored by a laboratory test following EN 901.

The maximum quantities of sodium and chloride specified in Annex III, No. 3 and No. 13 of the Drinking Water Ordinance are complied with.

BIONIC is pH neutral 7.0 +/- 0.3 with a redox potential of ~ +800mV. The active chlorine content is approx. 500mg/L, of which approx. 90% is reported as NaOCl (per EN 901.)


The products for the production of BIONIC are subject to strict quality control during manufacturing and extensive testing before they leave the factory.

This is the only way to ensure that customers receive products of the highest quality. The products are subject to the international standard ISO 9001.2000.

How is BIONIC created?

With water, electricity and a NaCl solution a very strong but harmless agent is produced in a diaphragm, which is ideal for water preparation. BIONIC is a transparent and colorless liquid with a slight smell of chlorine. It contains various oxidizing acids and consists mainly of hypochloride and sodium hypochlorite (active ingredients – HClO, ClO2, HClO3, HClO4, H2O2, O2, CLO, ClO2-, ClO3-, O, HO2-, OH), which have a strong bactericidal and sporicidal effect in BIONIC.

The properties of BIONIC are as follows:

pH value of 6.5-7.2, concentration = active chlorine 150-250 mg/l, no toxic ingredients are present.

Disinfection » 4x 500ml with practical spray head


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