The right energy state through six simple programs

Targeted control of energy



The benefits of neurostimulation

Balance within the dog’s body is determined by a complex system of vital functions: Breathing, heartbeat and muscle tone all interact with each other depending on the performance requirement. The EQUUSIR BIOS-BLANKET stimulates the control of the vital functions (“More activation now” or “More relaxation now”). Deeper levels within the body (cells, tissue, blood) are not directly affected when this occurs, because the influence takes place via the highest possible level, i.e. control. Otherwise individual influences would cause imbalances in the complex system of vital functions.


The building blocks of performance capability

The EQUUSIR BIOS-SYSTEM helps the nervous system to create a balance within the body. The endocrine system plays an important role in the control function. The additional stimulation of the lymph flow triggers both preventive and healing processes, and improves blood circulation.


Deep down using high-tech

The electrical pulses are conducted into high-density, geometrically exact and unchangeable coils (= transmitters) by a signal transmitter via a direct current system. A precisely defined signal can be transmitted into the body in this way. This signal, which can be perceived by the body, changes the electromagnetic spectrum of space and goes into resonance with the body’s neuroreceptors.


Structure of the central nervous system

The autonomic nervous system uses the brain and the spinal cord to transmit and bundle perceived information. The brain is the control center for the vital functions. It regulates the vital functions via the hormone system, and processes incoming stimuli via the spinal cord.


The right activity level at the push of a button

Various performance requirements occur during the course of the day which are supported through the application of the EQUUSIR BIOS-BLANKET. The six programs support the body without any side effects whatsoever.