Bioenergetic scan and use of colored light and infrared



The EQUUSIR BEST-BOX combines modern high-end technology and current findings of quantum physics with the holistic concept of body energies. The aim of the application is to meet the requirements of modern performance management: Maintain physical health in the long term while continuously increasing athletic performance.



With the bioenergetic measurement in the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX the current state of the organism is determined. In a detailed report it becomes visible which body regions show deficits or are blocked.

This is followed by a first application of colored light and infrared. After the first, supportive application it is evident which disturbances of the body could be removed in the short term and which blockages need a longer-term application.



A scan cycle consists of an initial scan including an initial report, a directly following first application and a follow-up report. The next day, another application is performed, which is concluded with another follow-up report. Ideally, three applications are performed on three consecutive days, followed by a one-day break, followed by three more days with one application each.



– Back blockades, tensions of the musculature
– Tendon and joint blockages
– Cleft horns, deficiencies in hoof quality and coat.
– Digestive problems
– Cycle fluctuations
– Increase uptake to pregnancy
– Improve sperm quality
– General immune and vitality fluctuations
– Metabolic problems
– Inflammations
– Respiratory diseases
– Neurological abnormalities

With the individually adapted wavelength deficits compensated in the most direct and fastest way!



The horse is led through the box head first. During the application it stands secured with a breast bar. After the application, the horse is led forward out of the box. Both the analysis measurement and the application by infrared (deep heat) and colored light are carried out without contact.
Initial measurement: 15 minutes
Application: 5 to 30 minutes
Interval for acute problems: 1-2x daily
Prevention interval: 1x per week


Complementary medicine systems place the holistic body structures and their physiological quality at the center of diagnosis and therapy. EQUUSIR improves the analysis and treatment possibilities with the innovative BEST-BOX method. The holistic quality of individual body regions is measured, evaluated and customized therapy is provided.



Height: 2.550 mm
Width: 1.690 mm
Depth: 2.511 mm
Weight: ca. 700 kg


Weatherproof installation site, concrete floor
Power connection: 400 Volt, 16 A
Do not set up in damp rooms and on washing areas!

Fields of application of the BEST-BOX


Problems with skin,
Hoof, muscle and
Joint disease,
Sinew, cough,
Bronchitis, rheumatism


After heavy use
or operations and injuries,
Pain relief, wound healing,
stress reduction


Muscle tension,
Blockages in the spine,
Increase in performance and
agility, empowerment
of the musculoskeletal system


Damping, colic,
Purification problems,
Metabolic problems, strengthening
and stimulation of blood and lymph vessels,
Building the immune system

FAQ / Questions and answers about the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX

What is this EQUUSIR BEST-BOX doing?

With a bioenergetic measurement in the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX, the condition of the energy fields is made visible and thus also possible causes for physical and mental problems of the horse.

In the subsequent color light and IR application, the body’s own systems of the horse are supplied with additional energy. This causes, inter alia, the formation of new capillaries, stimulates the production of collagen and releases the main energy carrier of the cells (adenosine triphosphate).

After just a few applications, most horses are calmer, more focused and more productive.

The EQUUSIR BEST-BOX can also be tested in your barn. For more information please email:

How much does a treatment in the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX cost?

First scan with colored light treatment: 50 min. for Euro 145.-
Each subsequent treatment: 30 min. for Euro 75, –

How does the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX work?

With a bioenergetic scan in the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX possible energetic causes for physical and psychological problems of your horse are made visible.

In the subsequent IR and colored light treatment, the processes in the cells, organs and vessels are precisely stimulated with individually adapted frequencies and deep heat. Blockages can be released and the energy centers harmonize.

The increase of energy in the individual energy centers can be read on the treatment monitor or each client receives a comprehensive written report.

The result of a series of treatments:
Your horse is calmer, more relaxed and ready to perform.

Legal notice:

The EQUUSIR BEST-BOX is used, among other things, to harmonize the body’s own energy fields of the horse. Any other use, in particular for carrying out diagnoses and healing treatments, is not considered to be in accordance with the intended use.

The success of bioenergetic treatments is not proven by conventional medicine. Therefore, bioenergetic application is in no case a substitute for medical diagnosis and therapy. It represents exclusively an energetic consultation, which is carried out in consideration of bioenergetics.

We expressly refer to the physician’s proviso and clearly state that measures subject to the physician’s proviso may only be carried out on the order or under the supervision of a physician. All statements and advice are not diagnoses, but represent purely energetic condition descriptions.

In compliance with the Heilmittelwerbegesetz (German law on the advertising of medicinal products), we expressly point out that the described effects of using EQUUSIR BEST-BOX are based either on scientific evidence (infrared, colored light) or on our observations from various case studies. No diagnoses are made or healing promises given.