Some examples of the many application areas of the BEST-BOX

What treatments can the EQUUSIR BEST-BOX help with?
For example…

Abscess in horses

An abscess is an accumulation of pus (dead white blood cells) that forms a clot internally or externally on your horse’s body.

Detailed information about abscess in horses

Arthritis in horses

Arthritis is a disease that affects many horses. It is not only painful but also makes it difficult for a horse to move.

Detailed information on arthritis in horses

Headshaking in horses

Strong headshaking in horses is a pathological behaviour.

Detailed information about headshaking in horses

Back pain in horses

Although it is not the most common injury in horses , back pain can sometimes be a reason for a horse’s grumpy behavior and unwillingness to move fluently.

Detailed information on back pain in horses

Musculature/Muscle blockages

Possible causes for such movement restrictions are overstretching of the connective tissue and muscular structures, but also the same stereotypical/uniform movements or incorrect posture.

Cross acuity

Cross acuity is an inflammation of the back muscles. This inflammation is very painful.

Kissing Spines

Kissing Spines is a disease of the horse’s back. The spinous processes of the spine touch each other during movement and rub with time.


Shivering disease – mainly affects the hind legs of the horse. The musculature cramps up and begins to tremble.

Tendon injury

In many cases tendon damage is caused by incorrect riding and training, by too early and incorrect loading, by errors in hoof work and shoeing or by blunt bumping of the legs.

Ankle carrier

Damage to the stabilizer of the lower limb. The ankle carrier works in conjunction with the extensor tendon, the flexor tendons and their support ligaments.

Colon inflammation

In the case of inflammation of the colon, the joint between the coffin bone, coronary bone and navicular bone or the colon bursa is inflamed. This inflammation causes pain to the horse.

Immune system

The immune system is the biological defence system of living beings. It prevents tissue damage by pathogens.

Metabolism or hormone system

Metabolism refers to all biochemical processes that take place within the cells. The components of the supplied nutrients are metabolised in the cells – i.e. broken down, converted and built up into new products.

CNS - Nervous system

The central nervous system is a subsystem of the nervous system. The differentiation from the peripheral nervous system is made solely according to location. In vertebrates, the central nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord. The central nervous system is composed of nerve cells and supporting cells.

Neurological disorders

Neurological disorders are problems of the nervous system or diseases that affect the nervous system.

Sweet itch

Sweet itch is caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva of biting insects such as mosquitoes or black flies. It most frequently occurs in places with vertical hairs, e.g. on the tail, the mane comb and the belly seam.

Fungal diseases

Signs of fungal disease in horses are the formation of crusts and pus, scaly circles, encrusted scales on the skin, nodular swellings up to bursting blisters.

Application areas of the BEST-BOX


Problems with skin,
hoof, muscle and
joint diseases,
tendons, coughing,
bronchitis, rheumatism


After heavy use
or operations and injuries,
inflammation inhibition,
pain relief, wound healing,
stress relief


Muscle tension,
blockages in the spine,
increase in performance and
the mobility, strengthening
of the musculoskeletal system


Dampness, colic,
purging problems,
metabolic problems, strengthening
and stimulation of the blood and lymph vessels,
structure of the immune system